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Colors Healthcare Staffing Solutions’ Administrative Staffing division recognizes that reliable administrative support is a crucial part of any organization. Our ability to place skilled medical professionals into administrative careers helps contribute to the enhancement of quality patient care. In an industry that demands special attention because of its fast-paced and evolving nature, our cutting-edge supplemental administrative staffing program ensures that you will remain efficient, even in times of staff shortages.

As a premier temporary employment agency of administrative personnel, Colors Healthcare specializes in placing qualified personnel on contract, temp-to-perm, and direct hire assignments.

Medical Administrative Positions We Place

  • Certified Procedural Coder (CPC)

    Certified procedural coders assemble the health information of patients, ensuring everything is properly completed, identified and recorded for correct processing by medical insurance carriers or third-party administrators. Certified procedural coders may also use computer programs to compile and analyze data to be used in research studies, providing documentation for legal actions and improving patient care. Certified procedural coders must have current knowledge of CPT, HCFA, CMS, HCPS and ICD-9 procedural and diagnostic coding. In addition, coders must possess expert education of coding procedures, services and diagnosis for healthcare providers and pass the CPC examination.

  • Credentialing Specialist

    Credentialing specialists are responsible for credentialing, re-credentialing and contracting independent licensed practitioners, non-physician clinicians and other licensed medical staff with insurance carriers and hospitals. Credentialing specialists also maintain the credentialing database, ensuring files are accurate, current and meet accreditation and regulation standards.

  • Medical Administrative Assistant/ Medical Secretary

    Medical secretaries perform various administrative support job functions such as word processing, creating spreadsheets and scheduling. Medical administrative assistants may also perform clerical and receptionist duties for a particular nursing or patient service unit, including greeting patients, answering phone calls, collecting co-pays and fielding patient inquiries and concerns.

  • Medical Billing Manager

    Medical billing managers are responsible for the management of the medical billing department or business office including insurance processing, billing and collections. In addition, medical billing managers oversee and manage personnel and other administrative duties as necessary.

  • Medical Collector

    Medical collectors keep track of overdue accounts, soliciting payment and collecting past due funds for healthcare services rendered from insurance companies, private parties and individuals.

  • Medical Office Manager

    Medical office managers are responsible for the management of a medical office, including personnel, accounting, insurance billing and computer systems. Medical office managers usually assist physicians in performing administrative duties in an office or other clinical setting.

  • Medical Receptionist

    Medical receptionists are individuals with extensive public contact. Job duties entail greeting patients, instructing them where to go in the office and how to complete paperwork properly. Medical receptionists also schedule appointments, collect co-pays, answer phone calls, perform routine filing and clerical duties and respond to customer inquiries and complaints.

  • Medical Transcriptionist

    Medical transcriptionists listen to dictated recordings of patient histories, physicals, consultations, operative reports, diagnostic imaging studies, progress notes, referral letters and discharge summaries made by healthcare personnel and transcribe them into medical reports and other administrative material. Transcribed documents are returned to the physicians or healthcare personnel that dictated them for review and signature. The transcribed documents eventually become part of the patient’s medical file.

  • Bookkeeper

    Bookkeepers are financial record keepers that manage a set of books covering all accounting transactions for the organization. Job duties include updating account records in the general ledger, balancing books and compiling financial statements and statistical reports for supervisors and managers. Bookkeepers may also handle payroll, prepare invoices, track overdue accounts, verify and balance receipts, write checks to the bank and make purchases.

  • Claims Processor

    Claims processors manage and process medical claims with insurance companies on behalf of the healthcare organization in accordance with contracts and policies. Responsibilities include researching and resolving claims and related issues, including coding, payment reconciliation and refund request2s. Medical claims processors must review insurance claim forms to ensure they are properly filled out so the insurance company has the information they need to pay out the claim. Other job duties include preparing rejected insurance claims for resubmission, following up on suspended claims and maintaining claims files.

  • Data Entry Clerk

    Data entry clerks input data into a computer by entering lists of items, numbers or other data to ensure efficient handling of information. Data entry clerks may also change, edit or otherwise manipulate existing data, revise current information or proofread new entries for a database to be used internally by a company. Other duties include entering patient personal data, medical records or supply orders and updating mailing lists.

  • Group Administrator/Executive Director

    Group administrators and executive directors are responsible for the supervision and ultimate success of clinical and fiscal operations within a large group or organizational setting. Responsibilities include formulating strategies and policies that ensure the organization’s objectives are met. Job duties include directly supervising management-level employees, developing programs, preparing budgets and managing contracts.

  • Insurance Biller

    Insurance billers handle all aspects of the medical billing process for an organization, utilizing knowledge of Medicare, MediCal, HMOs and PPOs. Medical insurance billers review hospital records and charge slips and purchase orders to calculate the total a customer owes, taking into account insurance discounts and special rates. After everything is computed, insurance billers prepare bills and invoices for billing and recordkeeping. Medical insurance billers must be familiar with standard forms as well as ICD-9 and CPT coding procedures.

  • Referral Coordinator

    Referral coordinators manage patient referrals to specialty practices. The position involves contact with physicians, staff members, patients and insurance companies. Referral coordinators ensure appropriate authorizations are obtained for the provided services.

  • Surgery Scheduler

    Surgery schedulers arrange surgeries for patients. In addition, surgery schedulers coordinate operating rooms, schedules of surgeons and necessary assistants needed for the procedure. Job duties include gathering and recording financial and insurance information and distributing pre- and post-operative information to patients.

  • Other Medical Administrative Jobs

    Medical Resources Staffing Services provides other positions in healthcare administration in addition to the ones noted above. We work with leading medical facilities and related healthcare organizations throughout San Diego and the rest of Southern California to bring medical administrative professionals rewarding employment opportunities that further career goals.

Our Administrative Staffing Representative will match you with the most appropriate candidates through a careful screening, interviewing and quality assurance process. We can work with you to cover urgent, short-term vacancies while developing a flexible, long-term plan that allows for leaves of absence, census fluctuations, technology implementation projects, facility expansions and more.

To speak to one of our Administrative Staffing Representative, please call toll free, 1-877-9COLORS (1-877-926-5677) or submit your Administrative Staffing request online.